Success Story TNE - Shukri - SOS Somalia

Shaping Futures: The Next Economy Program's Impact in Somalia and Somaliland, Illustrated through Shukri's Journey

While some countries in Sub-Saharan Africa are in the very early stages of building a culture around internships, Somalia and Somaliland are actively working to formalise internships, to ensure interns are treated fairly and companies offering positions can retain talent, however this puts a lot of pressure on companies to find the right people at the beginning of the process. In steps The Next Economy,  solving this challenge for companies and identifying capable, enthusiastic interns. 

“We visit businesses and show them materials from The Next Economy. Some of the businesses and internship providers don’t even advertise their internships outside of TNE anymore. We work with companies from banking and finance through to the health sector and hospitals.” Says Mohamed Warsame, Youth Coach at SOS Somalia. 

One such intern was Shukri Ismail. She came to The Next Economy following graduation. She was looking for a job, but every opportunity she found required experience, something that young people in Somaliland don’t have on leaving the education system.  “With The Next Economy, I was able to learn good communication skills, to grow my confidence, that prepared me to work in sales. I wanted to apply these skills in an internship before a job.” 

The Next Economy team had visited businesses and was partnering with Mecaad, an electronics company with an internship position to offer. In line with government requirements, the company was following an open interview process and had a job available for one intern following a 3-month internship position. Shukri was one of six candidates put forward for the interview and was accepted in an advertising position. Following her internship, Mecaad offered her a job. 

Since finding her job, Shukri has recommended The Next Economy programme to two family members, one successfully got an internship and the other found employment and has plans to start their own business, and Shukri is looking forward to where her experiences can take her. 

“With my internship through The Next Economy, I’ve been able to get business skills and understand how business is going in the country. I have a dream to one day start my own business, and now I have the skills and the confidence to do that”.