The TNE Employability Training supported participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to search for decent work opportunities that aligned with their personal goals and interests. This allowed them to present themselves as productive employees, and succeed once in the role. Over 6,700 young people participated in the employability track across 7 locations in 3 countries.


The Employability training package went beyond the basics of job searching and workplace skills to include understanding personal strengths and corresponding work possibilities, effective communication, workers’ rights, and time management. Training was provided by local employment service providers with linkages to the job market and knowledge of what employers are looking for. The programme was complemented with training guides, presentation materials, and student templates. The Employability training package was delivered through twelve weekly sessions (2-3 hours each) and was supported by coaching, links to businesses, and on-the-job learning via internships. 

Key Learning Areas

Icon for Personal Reflection

Personal Reflection

Icon for my kind of job

My Kind Of Job

Icon for finding more about jobs

Let’s Find Out More About Jobs

Icon for Job Search

Job Search

Icon for Good Impression

Making A Good Impression In The Workplace

Icon for Communication skills for employees

Communication Skills for an Employee

Icon for CV Writing

CV Writing

Icon for Job Interviews

Job Interviews

Icon for Time management

Personal and Time Management

Icon for anticipating challenge

Anticipating Challenges

Icon for responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities

Key Innovations

Image for Digital Skills - Core Life Skills

Digital job search

Image for Personal Branding - Employability Training

Personal Branding

Image for Design Thinking - Employability Training

Design Thinking