A dynamic consortium of Partners played an instrumental role in the The Next Economy program, each contributing unique expertise and resources.

Together, we connected with a network of stakeholders including government bodies, NGOs, ESOs, financial institutions, and businesses. This collaborative effort provided crucial support for young jobseekers and entrepreneurs, showcasing the importance of diverse partnerships in youth empowerment.

Our Partners

Aspilos Foundation

Locations: Abuja, Abeokuta, Minna and Kaduna.

Organization Email:


Established: 2016

Vision: Our vision/destination is an Africa of young active citizens maximizing opportunities to foster economic progress thereby giving rise to a poverty and inequality free continent.

Mission: Our mission is to use technology, digital inclusion & the power of community to: provide innovative and sustainable pathways to economic empowerment for young people increase citizen participation in governance so they can demand accountability and good governance from public office holders Via all our activities, we school & stimulate individuals so they can go on to shape the systems and society Africa needs.

Geographic Reach: Abuja, Abeokuta, Minna and Kaduna, Nigeria

Technical Focus: Our organization focuses on training individuals on digitals skills needed to be gainfully employed and provide sustainable livelihood.

TNE Locations: Abuja, Nigeria.

TNE Team:

Aspilos Foundation Logo

Black Innovations Africa

Locations: Jos, Plateau State Nigeria

Organiztion Email:


Established: 2010

Vision: Our vision at Black Innovations Africa is to create a future where Africa stands as a global leader in entrepreneurial innovation and technological excellence.

Mission: Empowering Progress, Igniting Innovation: Building Entrepreneurs, Transforming Businesses in Africa.

Geographic Reach: Jos, Plateau State Nigeria

Technical Focus: Black Innovations Africa works with Startups in the idea stage, Entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses, Technology for business development. We also provide training for aspiring software engineers.

TNE Locations: Jos Plateau State Nigeria

TNE Team:

Black Innovations Africa Logo

Crosswise Works

Locations: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Organization Email:


Established: 2015

Vision & Mission: By 2030 we envision ourselves as the leading experts in innovative early-stage financing solutions, supporting our global partners in entrepreneurship development through business services, trainings and monitoring; designing impactful multi-million dollar entrepreneurship programs and co-creating public private partnerships for sustainable development. Our networks of thousands of entrepreneurship hubs and entrepreneurs will be transforming their societies by taking leading roles in business networks, and are influential in government and politics, striving for social impact in their respective communities.

Geographic Reach: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Technical Focus:

  • Development and management of entrepreneurship and incubation programs for (young) entrepreneurs that develop products or services in different sectors, including agriculture, technology, water management and financial services.
  • Design and execution of capacity building, growth and professionalization projects for SMEs, incubation and acceleration hubs, NGOs, and network organizations, to increase their knowledge and skills base.
  • Execution of programs and facilitation aimed at working effectively in (new) partnerships: stakeholder coordination, and facilitating public-private partnerships.

TNE Locations: Mali - Impact Hub Bamako 

Nigeria :

  • Jos - Black Innovations Africa
  • Abuja - ‘WE’nnovation Hub
  • Lagos - Fate Foundation

Somalia - Hargeisa - SiMAD iLab
Somaliland - Mogadishu  - Shaqodoon

TNE Team:

Crosswise Works Logo

FATE Foundation

Locations: 16 Town Planning way, Illupeju Lagos, Nigeria.

Organization Email:


Established: 2000

Vision: We are the catalyst of entrepreneurship

Mission: To foster wealth creation by promoting business and entrepreneurial developments among Nigerians.

Geographic Reach: 16 Town Planning way, Illupeju Lagos, Nigeria.


FATE Foundation Logo


Locations: HQ, Hargeisa Somaliland

Organization Email:


Established: 2018

Vision: Is to be hub for business and people driven impact in Somali -speaking regions and beyond.

Mission: To build an entrepreneurial community, business incubation and create solutions for an ecosystem that works for all.

Geographic Reach: HQ, Hargeisa Somaliland

Technical Focus: Our organization focus in 5 different areas like,

  • Acceleration Program

This program is open to applicants who present their business plan to a panel of experts. These applicants receive feedback and are then shortlisted. Following the competition, the successful businesses are guided through due diligence, receive investment (including crowdfunding), and are supported through incubation, mentorship, and coaching.

  • Business Incubation Services

HarHub Business Incubation is designed to empower entrepreneurs, freelancers, technology professionals, and digital Marketers with safe, secure, professional workspace to foster startups’ growth and sustainability. Harhub Business Incubation is the first incubation in Somaliland. Our primary objective is to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit and help startups to keep pace with the market.

  • Access to Financing

Harhub investment strategy is to give access to seed funding to early-stage startups and existing small and medium businesses for young entrepreneurs. Our focus on youth and startup businesses is significant, as these are typically considered high-risk investments, excluding them from MFIs and banks. The Harhub Investment Fund is a revolving fund intended for project sizes of $1,500 to $10,000 in the form of equity and Islamic mode of financing called Diminishing Musharakah.

  • Business Development Services (BDS)

The objective of Harhub Business Development Services (BDS) is to improve the performance of startups and MSMEs by enabling access to mentorship, coaching, market information, marketing & branding, technical support, and competitive business practices.

  • Ecosystem Building

To encourage the startup culture in Hargeisa, HarHub hosts regular events through its Google Developer Group (GDG-Hargeisa Chapter) and Ardaaga Hal-Abuurka. These events build a vibrant entrepreneurial and technology-oriented community, thus igniting collaboration and encouraging networking.

TNE Locations: Hargeisa, Somaliland

TNE Team:

Harhub Logo

Impact Hub Bamako

Locations: Mali (Bamako & Segou)

Organization Email:


Vision: We position ourselves as catalysts for solutions contributing to Mali's socio-economic emergence. We actively support the country's youth who aspire to become entrepreneurs and offer innovative solutions to problems faced by different communities within the country. In our 8 years of existence, Impact Hub Bamako has played a crucial role in combating illegal immigration, improving agricultural productivity for small producers and family farms, promoting financial services in rural

Mission: Our mission is to address the urgent issue of youth unemployment in Mali by guiding them in creating and developing their businesses. To achieve this, we offer incubation and acceleration programs for startups and MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises). We organize events such as conferences, seminars, and provide financing opportunities and managerial capacity-building through entrepreneurial competitions, training programs, and professional trips (exhibitions, trade fairs, etc.).

Geographic reach: Based in Mali (Bamako & Segou)

Technical Focus: Our approach in Mali focuses on : 

  • Ideate innovative business ideas with the focus SDG’s Goals. 
  • Identifying and supporting startups and MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) with high growth potential, significant social impact, and innovative solutions, among other criteria.
  • Accelerate innovative startups for the scaling up

TNE Locations: Bamako

TNE Team:

Impact Hub Bamako Logo


Locations: Somaliland, Somalia, Puntland and Kenya.

Organization Email:


Established: 2011

Vision: Our vision is a society where youth and women are at the forefront of fostering a safe and inclusive environment that enables them to attain self-reliance and drive sustainable progress.

Mission: Our mission is to empower and enable youth and women to generate positive, sustainable impact within their communities, by providing safe, inclusive and innovative opportunities.

Geographic Reach: Somaliland, Somalia, Puntland and Kenya.

Technical Focus:

  • Skills and job creation
  • Entrepreneurship development 
  • Access to finance
  • MSME development
  • Gender & social inclusion
  • Technology for development

TNE Locations: Hargeisa, Burao


Shaqodoon Logo

SIMAD Innovation Lab

Locations: Mogadishu, Somalia

Organization Email :


Established: 2019

Vision: Our vision at SIMAD iLab is to become the best fully-fledged innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship hub in Somalia and beyond.

Mission: Our mission is to mentor aspiring young entrepreneurs with a leading entrepreneurship and technology education that prepares them for wage employment or self-employment.

Geographic Reach: Mogadishu, Somalia

Technical Focus: Supporting entrepreneurship in:

  • SMEs and startups at various stages of growth
  • Technology startups
  •  Creative industries
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Agro-processing and value addition

Offering programs and services to help our clients develop their skills, ideas, products, and businesses, such as:

  • Training on core life skills, entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology
  • Mentoring and coaching by experienced professionals and experts

Incubation and acceleration of promising startups with access to funding, fabrication, and networking opportunities.

TNE Locations: Mogadishu, Somalia


SIMAD ilab Logo

SOS Kinderdorpen Netherlands

Locations: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Organization Email:


Established: 1965

Vision & Mission: Through various innovative youth employment programs, SOS Children's Villages Netherlands is committed to helping young people on their way to an independent future. In addition, SOS Children's Villages Netherlands emphasizes the right to education for every child by making education accessible to the children in our programs.

Geographic Locations: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Technical Focus: Every child, anywhere in the world, regardless of religion, culture or background, should be able to grow up in a loving, strong family and a safe environment. It is the strength and continuity of daily family life and unconditional love, protection and care, which form the basis for a child's healthy development and a promising future. Because what a child learns, it passes on. SOS Childern's Villages Netherlands works in alternative care, youth employability and humanitarian aid programmes.

TNE Roles & Activities:
- Overall programme coordination.

- Donor relations

- Programme governance

- Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

- Consolidated reporting

TNE Team:

SOS Kinderdorpen Nederland Logo

SOS Villages D'enfants Mali

Locations: Bamako, Mali

Organization Email:


Established: 1987

Vision & Mission: We offer a family to each child in need. We help children to build their own future and we participate to local community’s development.

Geographic Locations: Bamako, MALI

Technical Focus: The focus areas of SOS Children Villages remain in general child protection (the alternative care and family reinforcement), education and health. In addition to that, we have some projects based in Bamako among them, the project IMAJ, The Next Economy and MUYIWA.

TNE Locations: Bamako, Mali


SOS Mali Logo

SOS Children’s Villages, Nigeria

Locations: Abuja, Lagos

Organization Email:


Established: 1973

Vision: Every child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security.

Mission: We build families for children in need, we help them shape their own futures and we share in the development of their communities.

Geographic Reach:

National Office
12B, Abu Obe Street,
Off 2nd Avenue, Gwarinpa,
FCT Abuja;
PMB 08, Area 10 General Post Office,
Garki, Abuja, Nigeria.
Tel: +2348112994466, +2347000000018

National Branch Office:
SOS Children’s Villages
153, Iyana Isolo
Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: +2348112994466, +2347000000018

We also have program offices in the following locations:

  • Lagos State
  • Ogun State
  • FCT Programs Office in Gwagwalada, Abuja
  • Plateau State
  • Borno State
  • Edo State
  • Oyo state

Technical Focus:

  • ·Employability focus. Train young people on employability skills.
  • Facilitate internship and job placements for the trained young people.
  • Entrepreneurship, Life and social skills Trainings,
  • Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET),
  • Livelihood programme and
  • Child and youth Safeguarding.

TNE Locations: Lagos, Abuja and Plateau States in Nigeria


  • Mark Nwakaudu - Programme Development Manager
  • Chinenye Ngwaba - Programme Development Advisor - You Youth Development
  • Oluwole Amosu - Former, Programme Development Advisor - Youth Development
  • James Yinmi - Youth Development Coordinator, Abuja
  • Sekinat Onilenla - Youth Development Officer, Abuja.
  • Jethro Hussain - Youth Development Officer, Plateau
  • Oluwaseyifunmi Adelaja - Former Youth Development Officer, Plateau.
  • Leonny Obomoghie - Youth Development Coordinator, Lagos
  • Julius Igbinokhuo - Youth Development Officer, Lagos.
  • Favour Ani - Education Coordinator, Lagos
  • Omotoyosi Oyebanji - Former, National Youth Development Coordinator.
  • Cynthia Izuagie - Former, National Youth Development Coordinator.
SOS Nigeria Logo

SOS Children’s Village in Somalia and Somaliland


  • In Somalia, Banadir Region, Bay and Bakool regions and Middle-Shabelle region.
  • In Somaliland SOS Children’s Villages works in and around Hargeisa and in Burao.

Organization Email:


Established: 1983

Vision & Mission:
"Every child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security."

"We build families for children in need, we help them shape their own futures and we share in the development of their communities."

“Courage, commitment, trust, accountability and These are the core beliefs and attitudes on which our organization has been built, and they are the cornerstones of our success. These enduring values guide our actions, decisions and relationships as we work towards fulfilling our mission."

Geographic Reach:
In Somalia, Banadir Region, Bay and Bakool regions and Middle-Shabelle region.

In Somaliland SOS Children's Villages works in and around Hargeisa and in Burao.

Technical Focus:
SOS Children’s Villages builds families for, abandoned, and other vulnerable children. When children cannot stay with their family or have no family, we give them a safe home, together with their siblings, where they can grow up in one of our SOS families.

We strengthen disadvantaged youth and families to prevent crises that can in the worst-case scenario lead to children being placed in out-of-home care. SOS Children's Villages supports families and youth so they can once again manage their lives independently and care for their families.

TNE Locations:

  • In Somalia TNE has its programs in Mogadishu.
  • In Somaliland TNE operated in Hargeisa, and Burao,

Roles and Activities within the Program:

  • Core Life Skills training  
  • Employability Skills training 
  • Conduct coaching sessions for participating youth 
  • Internship placement youth participated in employability training   
  • Follow up youths you secured Decent job after program participation 
  • Conduct events for youth to develop and validate their Business Ideas  
  • Organize certification event for the youth who successfully completed the program
  • Beneficiaries’ selections process and data base management  


TNE Programme Coordinator: Abdi Mahdi Abdullahi

SOS Somalia Staff:
Nafisi Ali - Youth Coach
Mohamed Noor Warsame - Youth Coach.

SOS Somaliland Staff:
Ibrahim Ismail -Youth coach

Abdirahman Hassan – TNE coordinator (2016-2019)

SOS Somaliland Logo

nHub Nigeria

Locations: Jos, Nigeria

Organization Email:


Established: 2015

Vision & Mission: nHub plays a leadership role in nurturing dialogue, disseminating knowledge, and re-wiring the ecosystem through different community-based efforts that are geared towards building a generation of new entrepreneurs, software developers, and an army of skilled and employable young people matching industry needs in priority sectors.

Geographic Reach: Jos, Nigeria

Technical Focus: We believe technology is a catalyst for growth and that client satisfaction is driven by the best and timely services. We are focused on empowering entrepreneurs on their journey to build great ideas out of little or nothing, we work with Start-ups at every stage of maturity to provide the tools, resources, knowledge and expertise they need to succeed. We help Start-ups scale their businesses, bring innovative services to the market and reach new customers through our connections. Our work spans from conceiving ideas, trainings, incubation, collaboration and creation of services.

TNE Locations: Jos

TNE Roles & Activities:
Core Life Skills and Entrepreneurship training for participants in TNE 1.

TNE Team:

  • Bashir Shaidu
Logo icon nHub

IFTIN Foundation

Locations: Mogadishu, Somalia

Organization Email:


Established: 2012

Vision & Mission: Iftin Foundation strives to see to contribute to a peaceful, developed Somalia.

Geographic Reach: Mogadishu, Somalia

Technical Focus: Iftin Foundation is an independent, private, social entrepreneurship organization founded to positively change the lives of Somali people through enhancing the access and quality of educational and career opportunities through provision of services to the education, business, government, sports and other stakeholders to increase access and quality to education.

TNE Locations: Mogadishu

TNE Roles and Activities:
Core Life Skills and Entrepreneurship training for participants in TNE 1.

TNE Team:

  • Abdulkadir Mohamed
Logo for Iftin Foundation

The Network of Incubators & Innovators in Nigeria

Locations: Abuja, Nigeria

Organization Email:


Established: 2018

Vision & Mission: Creating opportunities for stakeholders to thrive through knowledge management and capacity development activities, linkages and access to growth prospects.

Geographic Reach: Abuja, Nigeria

Technical Focus: Build a strategic connected platform to support the supporters of entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and incubation towards a developed and vibrant entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem in Nigeria.

TNE Locations: Abuja

TNE Roles and Activities:
Core Life Skills and Entrepreneurship training for participants in TNE 1.

TNE Team:

  • Mercy Olorunfemi
Logo for the Network of Incubators and Innovators in Nigeria

Wennovation Hub

Locations: Abuja, Ibadan, Lagos – Nigeria

Organization Email:


Established: 2011

Vision: To achieve sustainable development in Africa fostering innovation among the young population.

Mission: To inspire and empower African entrepreneurs to solve immediate socio-economic challenges by leveraging technology, resources, and network collaboration.

Geographic Reach: Abuja, Ibadan, Lagos - Nigeria

Technical Focus:

  • MSMEs
  • Incubation
  • Acceleration 
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Clean Energy 
  • Infrastructure
  •  Incubation
  •  Entrepreneurship training

TNE Locations: Abuja, Nigeria.


Wennovation logo