Success Story TNE - Kachollom Jasper - SOS Nigeria

From Uncertainty to Success: Kachollom's Story with The Next Economy

Kachollom Jasper always had a good understanding of herself, and where she wanted her career path to take her. However, the Covid-19 pandemic forced her to reassess her plans as the world closed down. Her Masters programme was paused and she returned home. A few months later, she found The Next Economy, which helped her to see if her chosen path was the right one for her. 

“My degree was in English Language, people assumed I would want to teach. But you can do pretty much anything with an English degree and I had always wanted to be a secretary.” Kachollom wanted to explore this possibility and began The Next Economy’s Core Life Skills programme, run by SOS Nigeria’s partner organisation Black Innovations Africa. 

Core Life Skills is designed to deepen personal understanding, increase self-esteem, and to develop skills that support individuals whether they choose to enter the job market or start their own business. “With The Next Economy, I learned a lot about myself, I got to understand the importance of character. We did personality tests that showed me my weaknesses and strengths, considered what I look for in a work environment, and recommended I would be a good fit for the employability track.” 

On entering the Employability Track, Kachollom learned about public speaking, how to use body language, and participated in a mock interview. “I had to consider my posture, not gesticulate too much, and for the mock interviews I learned eye contact was very important, you have to have a connection with whoever is interviewing you.” After the mock interview, Kachollom was unexpectedly offered an internship by one of the panel, which she was excited to accept. 

Following completion of her six month internship, Black Innovations Africa shared a job opening with Kachollom that they knew fit her skills and interest. Kachollom is now working as a secretary as she had always intended. “Without TNE, I wouldn’t have known how to manage this interview. I would have been shaky, nervous. Instead, my [now] boss offered me the job immediately!” 

“The Next Economy is a vaccine that should be administered to everyone”